Rejection Issues: What You Need to Know About Opting for an Appeal

Rejection Issues: What You Need to Know About Opting for an Appeal

Applying to immigrate to Canada is a multilayered process and, in many cases, one that turns into rejection. If this is your current case, then the first step you need to take is to hire a Toronto immigration lawyer, who can help you appeal and simplify the process while maximizing your chances.

Why Appeal in Case of Rejection?

Visas get rejected on permanent bases anywhere in the world for a variety of different reasons – but if you think you deserve yours, then the closest solution is an appeal. And once you are decided that you want to give it a second shot, your Toronto immigration lawyer needs to file for an appeal within 60 days, preferably even as soon as 15 days after the refusal. However, in some cases, simply reapplying for the desired type of visa or status may be easier and more successful than opting for an appeal.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

In simple terms, a Toronto immigration lawyer can determine the best course of action for your specific case, based on similar previous cases. While you are free to represent yourself, this is certainly not advisable as the law is extremely complex when it comes to immigration issues. A specialist in this field will also know where exactly to file the appeal, as well  as the required time frame for each of these institutions: The Federal Court, The Refugee Appeal Division or, in most cases, The Immigration Appeal Division. Regardless if you originally opted for a Study visa, Family Sponsorship or a Work permit, a lawyer can assess your case and guide you in all matters: from the possible witnesses you may need to support your case to the necessary documentation and strategy.

How Can I Know That I Got the Right Toronto Immigration Lawyer?

Simple – you need to make sure that your lawyer has a wide range of experience in Immigration Litigation. Make sure that your lawyer’s knowledge is current and that they are aware of the newest developments in the field of immigration law and that they’ve had similar cases in the past that can prove their extensive expertise.

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Opting for a Toronto Immigration Lawyer for Family Sponsorship

If you are interested in applying for family sponsorship in order to be able to live in Canada legally, the first thing you need to do is opt for the services of a Toronto immigration lawyer. But before you go on a lawyer hunt, make sure that you pick a specialist that is an expert in the full range of services helping foreign individuals bring their families to Canada, such as spousal, common-law partner and child sponsorships as well as super visas.

What Does the Process Entail?

The process of applying for a family sponsorship can be a little overwhelming and draining at times, which is why most candidates opt for the services of a reputable Toronto immigration lawyer.The Family Sponsorship program includes a few different steps – firstly, the Canadian citizen or the person holding a valid residence permit applies to sponsor their conjugal partner or spouse, then the spouse applies for permanent residence – and once the applications are complete, a longer period of assessment follows, as well as background and medical checks.

Why Do I Need a Toronto Immigration Lawyer?

As mentioned above, the process for obtaining a family sponsorship in order to relocate to Canada is a strenuous one and, in some cases, a little risky. A Toronto immigration lawyer is there to help you go through the procedures as smoothly and as fast as possible, while eliminating the risks and advising you on the best options for your particular case. More specifically, your lawyer will be the one to check the possible negative elements that might affect your eligibility, as well as prepare you for the interview and handle all the paperwork, from the application to the needed documents and evidence. Moreover, a good lawyer will also send you constant updates regarding your application status, as well as assist you obtain additional documents, such as insurances, housing and education information that you will need in the immediate future.

Immigration is a serious matter and seeking professional help is vital to avoid confusion and unwanted delays. Please check the website for more details.